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Smith Plumbing

About This Website


                Hi, I’m Bill Smith and I’m a plumber.  Plumbing is a very diverse and somewhat confusing industry.  With all the repairs, updates, and new products that are associated with plumbing come a lot of different options for consumers.  I want to provide help to consumers as they have to make decisions in different ways.

            Reviews.  As I have had experience with many different brands and different types of plumbing fixtures, I will review them.  There are certain brands that have been great and some that are not so great.  The reviews I write will give recommendations and other suggestions as you are looking to buy new plumbing products.  Sometimes I may throw in reviews of other things as well.

            Repairs.  Many plumbing fixtures have many different components to them.  As many larger products cost a good deal of money, many times it is better to replace one little part on the whole unit instead of buying a new one.  I hope to present different ways to figure out problems on these larger products and offering help on what to do in order to fix these problems.  This will save you a lot of money and some stress.

            How/Where.  As plumbing can be complex and confusing, I want to help others understand what is going on.  Some of my posts will talk about how a certain product used within the industry works, what the applications are for it, and where it is used, both in commercial and residential applications.  I will also share my thoughts on where I think is the best place to look for and buy different types of products.

            I hope that as you read these posts that you will find something that is useful in all your home improvement endeavors.  And let me be the first to wish you good luck!