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Smith Plumbing

            The first day of autumn has come and gone, the days are getting darker earlier and the weather is starting to cool down.  When the weather changes, more and more people are turning on their heating systems-for obvious reasons.  Homes, office buildings, and other businesses rely on their heating systems to keep them warm during the day and commercial/retail establishments depend on the warmth to give their customers a warm place to shop.  No matter what type of system is installed, it is always important to make sure it is working properly.

            Many structures, both residential and commercial, rely on boiler systems to provide the heat that they need to stay warm and operating throughout the day.  As with any other type of system, it is important to monitor and keep up the system.  Boilers are versatile because they can warm something as small as a modular home up to a larger office building.  There are a variety of boilers on the market and each are designed to be installed depending on what is called the heat load analysis.  This takes into account the size of the building and what the temperature would be on the coldest day of the year.


            As one can imagine, this generates a plethora of options that are available, so when you are looking for a boiler, it is nice to have a place that has a large variety in stock.  When I am looking for a boiler or parts for one, I go to Plumber's Stock.  They have a large selection on boilers and stock the best gas boilers on the market.  Their website is easy to navigate, I am able to click on the products I am interested in and all the information about them is available so I can get the one that I need.

            Whether I am working on a new home or commercial building or looking for parts for an existing boiler, I know I can count on this website to have what I need and to get it shipped to me at a great price.  Parts get to me within a few days and even overnight (for an extra fee) if I need them to come that fast.  It is important for me to get the right parts quickly so I can meet my customers need.  If I accidentally order the wrong part, I know I can send it back and get my money back.

            I have worked with a lot of different local supply houses and other online stores and none have given me the customer service that I receive from Plumber’s Stock.  I am able to get parts and boilers from local supply houses, but when I need a special order item or something that the local supply house doesn’t have in stock, I save more time and money getting it from the internet instead (in most cases).  It is nice to have something that I know I can depend on with each and every job that I do.